I hope you enjoy this short video. Not to worry you will not find flying food at the Inn on Poplar Hill.

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and we know how to start the day off right. Don’t worry, you won’t find flying food here at the Inn on Poplar Hill.

Wake to coffee or tea delivered to your door. Then join the other guests in the dinning room for a multi-course breakfast cooked to order. Feel free to let us know in advance of your culinary preferences we are happy to adjust our menu to meet your dietary requirements. Healthy heart, wheat, dairy or nut free is no problem. I have some great Vegan and Glutten Free recipes! And I am always looking for new ones. Just give us a heads up when you are making your reservations or a few days prior to your arrival.

Breakfast is usually served at 9am or by previous arrangement at a time that meets your schedule. If you need to get on the road early, we can pack a hot breakfast and coffee to go. Or if you prefer to sleep, just let us know. You can even have breakfast in bed. In nice weather we often serve on our back deck overlooking the Koi pond and during the winter months our guests enjoy private breakfast service in front of the fire.

Menu items vary daily. We offer a choice of entries, usually a sweet and a savory along with fresh baked pastries and fruit. A serving of each entree is a popular choice and seconds are always an option.