“Where old is made new” ? www.shabbylove.weebly.com shabby.love@yahoo.com Hanna Kappes, Owner

Look for a new store opening on Main Street!  Shabby Love and eclectic  mix of refurbished furniture.  From the pictures on line, it looks like Hanna Kappes has a nack for making the old new.

When Hanna Kappes  moved to Virginia from Kentucky last October she  was afforded a perfect opportunity to pursue her dream.  She took her love of  own business, painting, re-doing things and decided to start SHabby Love Furniture.  From the pictures on the web site it looks like a great addition to Downtown Orange.

When Hanna  started just over a year ago  she was buying old furniture that was shabby and just needed some love. Most of it was too good to throw away but still a bit of care and refinishing to make presentable again. Most of my donated furniture came from  her friends who were sensible enough to not just throw good furniture away. Some was just a bit outdated. She takes these pieces and recycles them into something beautiful and useful again; giving them a second chance or life.

The new store is right next to the Light Well.  What a great location on Main Street.  A good lunch and shopping, Yeah!

Shabby Love Furniture will be recruiting other local artist and crafters to display the unique things they make out of old recycled items. I have friends doing wonderful things with reclaimed barn wood, old doors, and vintage button art just to name a few.      All of the crafts folks who will be joining this store are refurbishing old things and giving them another chance at being cherished keepsakes.

Opening March 1.  She will be serving her world famous chicken salad  and you’ll get the chance to see her new space.  So drop in and visit her on the first.  Tell her the Inn on Poplar Hill sent you.