Family Friendly Bed and Breakfast

Forty Three  things to do for family fun at the Inn on Poplar Hill a Virginia  Bed and Breakfast.

  1. Draw a picture on the chalk board in the game room
  2. Take off on a hot air balloon adventure
  3. Discover hidden treasure
  4. Play a game of chess
  5. Challenge your partner to a billiards tournament
  6. Play hide and seek in the boxwood garden
  7. Climb a tree
  8. Slip and slide on the “slip in Slide”
  9. Tell ghost stories around the camp fire
  10. Rock on the front porch
  11. Have a picnic
  12. Watch a net fix movie
  13. Play a game of Monopoly
  14. Learn how to make sticky buns with Victoria
  15. Walk the dog
  16. Make a leaf collage
  17. Search for butterflies in the garden
  18. Stay up late and catch Fire Flies in a jar
  19. Explore the Blackberry Maze
  20. Eat a few cookies
  21. Enjoy a picnic under the shade of an ancient Linden Tree
  22. Read a book in the hidden hammock
  23. Feed the huge goldfish
  24. Dig for worms
  25. Catch a big mouth bass
  26. Escape the heat with a Wii Bowling Tournament
  27. Toast Smoores around the campfire
  28. Catch a frog
  29. Feed the goldfish
  30. Play flashlight tag
  31. Count the number of different trees
  32. Search for mushrooms
  33. Discover the hidden fairy house
  34. Take a nap in the Ivy Towers Hammock
  35. Splash in the creek
  36. Run away from a garden snake
  37. Take a picture of a really old tree
  38. Challenge your friend to a game of billiards
  39. Build some hotels in a game of monopoly
  40. Propose to your special  someone
  41. Start a puzzel
  42. Play checkers